The Perfect Fun Activity For
Children To Sail The High Seas

Telephone: 07961 748547

BoatsOf FunIn Inflatable Pools

At shows our pool will be surrounded by secure fencing ensuring safety for all, at one end of the pool we will have a 6m very strong open gazebo with soft play mats/cushions which will be used as a orderly queue entrance and ensuring a a very smart and fun activity for all.

This is a fairly new product for the UK, but Bubble Of Fun have brought Boat Of Fun to your shores so that children can enjoy these boats and from our experience have seen it become very quickly another must see CHILDREN'S ATTRACTION at shows / fetes / Fairs etc across the country.

We can be seen at many shows around the UK and If you are the organiser of a show, and you want to see 'Boat of fun' at your event please use our contact page. We also covered with 5m PL insurance placed with Aviva Insurance.